Biomedisinsk informatikkgruppe – Universitetet i Oslo

The group has over the past years played an instrumental role in the development of tools for copy number analysis (ACE, PCF), allele-specific copy number analysis (ASCAT), detection of complex rearrangements in DNA in breast cancer and its role for prognosis and treatment response (WAAI, CAAI, CCI), robust identification of subgroups in high-dimensional data (PART), search for generic low-dimensional representations of whole-genome copy number data with clinical impact (CARMA). The group has also developed the Genomic HyperBrowser: a generic web-based system, providing statistical methodology and computing power to handle a variety of biological inquires on genomic datasets. In recent years, we have been increasingly involved in studies where whole-genome data from various molecular levels are available and this has lead to several projects seeking to statistically integrate information from such sources. We collaborate extensively with clinical and biological cancer groups both nationally and internationally, including breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and lymphomas.

Gruppeleder Ole Christian Lingjærde, Professor, Dept of Computer Science, Universitetet i Oslo.
Foto: Studio E


  • Torbjørn Rognes, PhD
  • Nils Christophersen, Professor
  • Geir Kjetil Sandve, PhD
  • Eivind Hovig (adjoint professor)
  • Anja Kristoffersen (adjoint professor II)