Klinisk og translasjonell brystkreftgruppe – Vestre Viken HF

About 22.000 mammographic screens are conducted and over 350 new cases of breast cancers diagnosed annually in Vestre Viken. Several clinical breast cancer studies are ongoing. We aim to offer patients with large tumors breast conserving therapy by neo-adjuvant treatment to shrink the tumor to an operable size. In the mammographic screening program we investigate stratified screening and reduce the number of radiological missed cases. We investigate genomic and functional analysis to study therapeutic targets in breast cancer. Through analyses of genomic patient material at multiple levels and integration of these we study genes and pathways implicated in breast cancer. Targets from genomic analysis are followed up functionally using in vitro model systems; like introducing mutants and searching for the oncogenic potential of candidate genes, inhibition of genes, activation and inhibition of selected miRNAs. We have a particular focus on HER2 positive cancers and treatment response. For this we are using high-throughput drug screening, miRNA mimic libraries and reverse phase protein arrays. The in vitro findings are further tested in vivo in mice experiments.

Group leader Kristine Kleivi Sahlberg, PhD, Head of Research, Vestre Viken, PI of the network.

Group members:

  • Helle Skjerven, MD
  • Tone Hovda, MD
  • Annette Bergene Holm, MD
  • Lisa G. Svartdal, MSc
  • Ingun Jahren Horvli
  • Alina Carmen Porojnicu, MD
  • Lilly Anne Torland, MSc
  • Andliena Tahiri, Phd
  • Bente Eger Holst
  • Eline Eikeland, MSc