Minisymposium om kreftforskning

I Forskningsbygget ved Radiumhospitalet 17. april kl 10.00-16.00.

I forbindelse med tildelingen av Kong Olav Vs kreftforskningspris til Vessela Kristensen arrangeres det et minisymposium om kreftgenetikk på Radiumhospitalet 17. april.

10.00-10.45. Olga Troyanskaya, PhD, professor, Princeton University and Deputy director Genomics, Simons Genome Center. «Enabling precision medicine – de novo interpretation of genomes for tissue-specific understanding of disease»





10.45-11.30. Charles Vaske, PhD, Executive Vicepresident, Nantomics, and UCSC, CA, USA.
«Delivering proteomics, WGS, and whole transcriptome sequencing for thousands of clinical FFPE samples».




11.30-12.15. Sampsa Hautanemi, PhD, professor, Biomedicum, University of Helsinki.
«Systems biology of drug resistance in cancer»


12.15-13.00. Lunch


13.00-13.45. Diether Lambrechts, PhD, professor, Director of the Vesalius Research Center. And professor, KU Leuven. «Phenotypic moulding of the tumor microenvironment: what does single cell sequencing of thousands of cells in a tumor tell us»



13.45-14.30. Gyan Bhanot, PhD, professor, Rutgers University, and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.
«Endogenous Retro Viruses and Response to Immune Checkpoint Therapy»




14.30-15.15. Peter Fasching, MD, PhD, professor, Associate Professor of Gynecology and. Obstetrics at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen. Nuremberg, Germany, and University of California at Los Angeles, Division Hematology/Oncology. «Genomes and neoepitopes as part of treatment strategies in breast cancer»




15.15-16.00. Zohar Yakhini, PhD, professorIDC School of Computer Science and Technion Computer Science Faculty. «Synthetic DNA and its applications”



Arrangementet ligger også på Facebooksiden vår.